Different Triplet Strollers

Are you the lucky parents of a set of triplets? A good stroller is an important investment for every parent, more so for parents of triplets or three young kids. It enables you to keep track of your kids and go out and have a good time without too much trouble. You can invest in one of the Best Triple Strollers in the market and breeze through your outdoor trips much more comfortably. Here are a few customer reviews to help you pick out a stroller that suits your budget and your requirements.

Although most double strollers are streamlines and lightweight, a triple stroller tends to be a bit bulkier and heavier. After all, it has to withstand the weight of three babies and support them carefully. Since triple strollers are quite expensive compared to double strollers and normal strollers, you can find many on the secondary market. In case you are on a budget, it might be a good idea to search the local classifieds for a second hand triple stroller that is in good condition. However, don’t forget to check whether there was any product safety reports or government recalls on the model you have narrowed down on.

The triple stroller can function as a traditional stroller or a travel system stroller depending on the seats you place on it. Since the seats can be positioned in the forward facing or reverse facing direction, many parents prefer to purchase this model. The reverse facing option makes it quite convenient for parents with babies who have separation anxiety and need to see their parents faces to calm down. The steering wheel in this model is also very handy for parents to steer the stroller single handedly through crowded areas.

If you are looking for a triple stroller at a budget price, the Foundation Trio Sports Triple Tandem Stroller is your solution. This stroller has been designed carefully to fit through most doorways, making it easier for parents to use. However, the seats cannot be laid straight making it difficult for parents with very young babies. The large basket resting under the stroller can come in handy to store other baby gear to make your trip outside more comfortable.

If your triplets have grown a bit older, the Foundations LX-3 Triplet Stroller will suit you better. Although a bit more expensive than the model described above, this stroller can support bigger kids up to 50 pounds each. This roomy stroller is a bit bigger, making it difficult to maneuver through most doorways. The folded stroller measures up to 6 feet and will require a larger vehicle to transport it.

The Triple Stroller comes with air-filled tires to make the ride more comfortable for your kids. The stroller also comes with a canopy to keep the kids of the sun. There are three back seat pockets as well as 6 side pockets, making it very useful for parents to store baby food and other baby gear. Choose the best stroller as per your requirement for your loved one.

Tips For Getting More Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be both delightful and stressful period for the women. It is very important for the pregnant women to keep the mind free from any type of stresses during the pregnancy. This is because being stressed can affect the fetus in a significant way. You can visit the website of Nancy Lucina to find different ways in which you can make your pregnancy days peaceful and happy. This website provides plenty of practical and effective tips that will help to improve the mental and physical health of the pregnant women. You can also check https://www.babycenter.in/l25006239/10-ways-to-beat-pregnancy-stress-photos to know the ways to beat stress that arises during pregnancy.
One of the effective ways to minimize the stress is having good sleep. Sleeping relaxes both the mind and body. Even though women who are a great sleepers will find it difficult to sleep during their pregnancy. Here are some tips to improve your sleep.

  • Using nice pillows is one of the best ways to boost your sleep during pregnancy. Keep a pillow under your tummy and another one under your feet to get more support and comfort. It is also better to use pillows that are specifically made for use during pregnancy.
    Wedge-shaped pillows are specifically made for pregnancy applications. This type of pillows offers support to the tummy when lying on one side.
  • The wedge-shaped pillow can ease the back pain. This pillow comes in two types – single wedge and double wedge.
  • The food that you take during pregnancy can also play a determining factor. You can enjoy better sleep, if you do not take a big meal before the bedtime. Eating tummy full before the sleep can affect your sleep in the middle. Taking spicy foods can cause heartburn and indigestion, which will disturb your sleep significantly. Always take light food at least two hours before the sleep. You can also have warm milk or herbal tea to sleep with ease.
  • A light snack, which contains the right amount of protein and carbohydrate, can help a lot. You can consume food that contains tryptophan, a kind of amino acid that improves the sleep. Do not take tryptophan supplement as it can be harmful to pregnant women.
  • Headaches can happen during the sleep if the sugar level is low. To avoid this, you can have scrambled egg and peanut butter, which help to maintain the ideal sugar level. You should avoid these foods if you are prone to indigestion.
  • Doing yoga is one good to improve your sleep. Yoga is an exercise that constitutes slow, stretchy body movements and breathing. Make sure that you learn yoga from a reputed master and do the postures that are safe to do for pregnant women. There is also separate breathing exercise called pranayama, which helps to improve your breath pattern. Breathing exercises help to increase the intake of oxygen to your lungs, brains, thereby helping you to enjoy better sleep.

Massaging can help to sooth the muscles, helping you enjoy better sleep. You can ask your partner to massage your muscles gently. Try to take deep breathing in between to increase the oxygen intake.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Baby Playard?

A playpen also called the baby Playard is among the most useful equipment available in the market today for parents. Babies need a lot of attention from parents and hence taking care of them is a tough job. To be always careful about the safety of the child gave rise to the need for equipment that can allow babies to play safely while the parents take the much-needed break. There are many packs and play or Play Yard models available in thebabyguides.com and numerous other websites which can securely keep your sleeping child comfortable and helps to carry your baby conveniently. Read more about the need for babies to sleep well at www.baby-sleep-advice.com/why-is-sleep-important.html. It is also easy to carry, as it is portable as well as flexible with many attachments.

Benefits of the play yard, though not very apparent is very useful. It is especially helpful when you have two kids, and both are quite young, in that case, you can put the younger in a safe area and caring for the older one or vice-versa. Listed below are a few other benefits of this.

Safety for babies while you work: It is impossible to carry your baby wherever you are. For example, you may be cooking in the kitchen, working from home or doing the laundry you will be unable to take your baby to all places, but there is no way you can leave them unattended. Safety is the uppermost priority when it comes to babies, to be able to have a free hand and so your daily duties are not interrupted. A Playard is a secure place to leave your child as it is soft and safe to play while you walk away from the child for a few minutes. Playpens also come with mesh, locks and fiberboard base to prevent any insect bites or injuries while the baby is playing. There is also protection to sunlight as there is a canopy made from fabric which contains holes for fresh air to circulate.

The baby becomes independent at an early age: The play yard has a lot of features that can be explored by the babies at a very young age. By playing with them, the gross motor skills improve as learning early is good for the kid’s overall development. Also without any toys the baby has better motor skills playing in the Playard. Above all this, the baby learns to be independent at a very young age.

Stay close to the baby: Having a Playard is convenient for you as you can carry it to wherever you are and place the baby in it. You can finish your chores or your office work while the baby is playing in front of you. You can efficiently work as well as see what your baby is doing while you complete your job. All this while giving your child a safe place to play.

It is essential to find a Playard that suits your needs as there lots of type and models available; it is best to figure out what you need before you buy.